Caribbean dish...
Bananas, watermelon, paw paw, orange and cashew sit in the belly of the fruit and soup bowls. And on the cups and pitchers, frangipanis and morning glory.

Okay so it's not Royal Albert, but then again the Windsand line of exotic Caribbean ceramic crockery is not trying to be.

The newest in the line of Natural Pleasures ceramic products, the Windsand features crockery with motifs that anyone from Trinidad or Tobago can identify with. "We're aiming at the house proud people," said Merlin Hernandez, manager of Natural Pleasures.

The Windsand line was developed by Marcia Joseph and incorporated the efforts of Roberta Nicholls, who designed the motifs, Tricia Jadoonanan, who worked on the silhouettes and Peter Phillips who handled the moulds and prototype.

The line ranges from six-place full-service settings at $3,500 consisting of plates, saucers, breakfast/salad plates, sugar bowls, teapot, soup bowls, rice/pasta bowl, cruets and water pitchers to $1,000 for the breakfast setting-which consists of coffee pot, creamer and cereal bowls, just to name a few.

"We cook in many strange ways so we made some of the items bigger-like the soup bowl. Because you know our soup is a meal rather than an appetiser."

At the moment the Windsand line is being targeted to small hotel and guest houses, not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but throughout the region. "We have already received international orders from Miami and Montreal."

People who have seen the Windsand are drawn to it because of its Caribbean look, Hernandez said. The name Windsand, by the way, comes "from the way the wind blows the sand during certain times of the year". The line is easily identifiable by the small grains of sand embedded in the ceramic and is available at Natural Pleasures, Excellent Stores. Patrons can benefit from a ten per cent discount that's on every Friday.

This is a story by ESSIBA SMALL that appeared in the Express on the 24th July 1999.

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